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Benefits of VoIP

As businesses are moving over to #VoIP, you may ask what is VoIP and why should my business make the move. First of all #VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol: Technology that allows a user to make a phone call over the internet which traditionally phones calls are made over analog.

5 Benefits of #VoIP: 1. Less expensive With #VoIP it can be a real cost saver for your business expenses, as it is cheaper than traditional phone services. When it comes to making long distance phone calls, it is also less expensive. Furthermore, as your business grows it is easy and less expensive to add VoIP phone systems and services. 2. Portability What's cool about VoIP you can use your phone as long as you have connection to the internet. If you are on vacation or not at your office you can also forward all calls to your cell phone. 3. Multi-Functional With VoIP it comes with multiple functions that a PBX system could not do, with VoIP it allows you the option to have the ability to have video conferencing. Voice Over Internet Protocol also has a feature where you can add apps such as Skype and many more. With VoIP, your employees can take their work phone with them where ever they are and have the ability to forward all phones to another device. If they are not able to answer their phone, the voicemail will be sent over to their email. 4. Increased Productivity With VoIP, an employee has the ability to do multiple tasks, in order to get more work done easily. 5. More Features The Features that I mention below are easy to add and is not like a PBX system where you need to buy different equipment to have these functions.

  • Music on Hold

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Hunt

  • Conferencing Calling

  • Auto Attendent

  • And Many more

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, if you have any further questions about the benefits of using a VoIP #phone system, please give us a call 702-952-2711.

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