Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Business

Your Business is important to you and you want it to be run smoothly.

Since it is not possible for you to keep your business monitored at all times, you can use technology to track everything that goes on in your business.

A lot of businesses are installing security cameras on their premises which helps keep an eye on their business even when they are not there.


Some reason why businesses are opting into security cameras:

  • Increasing safety and security

  • Preventing employee theft, internal crimes, and violence

  • Improving employee performance and productivity

  • Settle employee disputes

  • Keeping an eye on unknown visitors

The main reason why a business would have a surveillance system is for prevention and to investigate the incidents when they do occur.

To get the most out of your cameras, you need to have them installed in certain locations. Below we have provided more on this topic.

The Entrances/ Exits

Having cameras at your entrance or exits will keep track of who is entering or leaving your premises. It is the best way to capture people's faces for identification purposes. Having a camera could be a possible deterrent. Makes the visitor aware they are under surveillance right when they enter your premises.

Reception Area

Since the reception area is a high-traffic location it is important to have a camera there. It could be a great location to keep an eye on customers and employees.

Work Places

The office area, where your employees work, so you can keep an eye on them and their work habits. The footage you need in such matters of slackness, workplace bullying, and some other form of harassment. It will be of great use when incidents occur, that way you have the footage recorded.

Office Supply and Storeroom(s)

Having a camera in a location where you store inventory will help monitor restricted areas to see who accessing confidential information without authorization. Having cameras installed around office supplies and equipment rooms. The cameras will help you watch out for employees that could possibly be stealing from you or using the office for personal use.


A warehouse can be a location where you store millions of dollars of inventory could be a possible target for theft and other crimes. Make sure the warehouse is well lit at all times to get clear recordings. The cameras can act as a deterrent, and even if theft or fraud does take place you can identify the person involved.

Secluded Areas

Secluded areas such as parking lots, back alleys, dumpsters are important locations to install security cameras. These areas are at higher risk for occurrences of violence and vandalism. We recommend installing floodlights at these locations. A criminal may think twice before committing a crime, If a crime does happen you have it on camera. Which will assist with an investigation.

At K&B Communications, we understand the importance of knowing your business is well protected and can assist your business with security cameras. Give us a call, to schedule a site survey today. 702-952-2711

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