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Beware of Coronavirus Scams

With the concern of Coronavirus around the world, and more people are working from home. Scammers are finding ways to get consumers' personal and payment information.

Here are some ways to avoid these scams

Before you click on the Link Think

If the email or the link does not look right do not click on it. If it is in your email delete it. It is better to not take the risk.

Examine the Link

Hover your mouse over the link which will show the whole link. If the link has a .ru it is from Rusia or a .br means it is from Brazil, which will help to find out where the website is located.

Another way to tell is if the web address has a word that is misspelled that could be a big giveaway for a scammer. Another recommendation is if you get an email saying here is a way to save on hand sanitizer, open another tab and search the site for the retailer's website and the one in your inbox.

Do not open attachments in your email from someone you do not know

Attachments may carry malware which is created to intentionally create damage on your computer.

Do not give away your financial information

These scammers may ask for you to provide your personal information, always google the company and find the companies phone number. Call the company if necessary.

You can report any scams or suspicious claims at ftc.gov/complaint.

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