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COVID 19- Got You and Your Employees Working from Home?

With the awareness and fear of the Corna Virus growing rapidly your business may be working remotely to keep the big crowds with working together, to keep your employees and customers safe. Companies such as Google and Apple are having their employees work remotely for precautionary reasons. Even smaller businesses have decided to follow by allowing their employees to work from home.

A lot of companies may think this transition is easy, but unfortunately, it is not.

Some of the issues that may be caused by working remotely

  • Working from home can lead to Less Productivity

  • Children are home from school as well, which may be a distraction.

  • No, IT support

  • There is no one to keep your employees accountable

  • Phones may not be able to be used from their home

There are solutions to these issues that may help with making this transition simple


  • Set goals for your employees

  • Have morning conference call's to find out what your employees need assistance with

  • Have an area dedicated to working

  • Get Dressed

  • Let your family know you are working and you should not be disturbed, Putting in headphones may provide them to not disturb you.

  • Have a loved one watch your children as you work or provide them an activity to do to keep them distracted.

  • Take breaks, a lunch break may help your employees feel refreshed,

  • Have a phone system that can be used where ever (Something we can help you with)

These are just a couple of solutions to have your employees do what they need to do. During this time, most of us are all uncertain about the future, but the best thing we can do is to lead our people to be the best they can be working from home.

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