Electrical Characteristics of Wiring

Updated: Feb 25

Understanding the electrical properties of electrical conductors and fiber optic cables would provide a greater understanding of the work to be performed, the methods to be used, and network troubleshooting. Our team must understand how cable features affect signal information.

An electrical circuit is a type of a wiring network. The electrical circuit consists of an energy source, a medium for energy transfer, and a load.

Telecom Cabling

Energy transfer media is one of the materials used for transferring energy from one place to another.

A load in a circuit may be one of the energies transmitted components or appliances, such as speakers, computer terminals, printers, telephones, lightbulbs, and much more.

An electromotive force (EMF) is a force that tends to transport electrical energy.

What causes cable signal loss?

Cable Signal loss is caused by loose connectors, damaged cables, or unterminated cables.

What causes cross talk?

An invisible magnetic force lines generated in a circuit by the current (electron flow). Cross-talking can contribute to the introduction of error signals in a data line and unnecessary audio communication noise.

Proper telecommunication wiring preparation and installation can be a complicated job, and K&B Communications has skilled technicians who can support low-voltage needs.

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