History of Telecom

At K&B Communications we believe knowing the History behind telephones is important. So we can provide our customers with a telephone system that meets their business.

Timeline of #Telephone History:

  • Alexander Graham Bell pays for the telephone patent Feb 14th, 1876

  • Alexander makes the First Phone Call on March 10th, 1876

  • 1877 Bell Telephone Company Formed

  • 1899 American Bell is acquired from American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T)

  • (AT&T) is the sole Telecom Company nationwide from 1900-1982. With no competition and phone services were expensive.

  • Founder of MCI Communications provides competitive long-distance phone service as an alternative service

  • Judge Greene’s rules for other corporations to be able to join the telephone industry

  • AT&T is broken into seven operating companies such as:

  1. Pacific Telesis

  2. US West

  3. Southwestern Bell

  4. Bell South

  5. Nynex

  6. Ameritech

  • AT&T becomes the first long-distance company handling calls across the US

  • By the end of 1984, other companies could compete as long-distance carriers

  • Competitive long-distance phone services started such as Sprint, MCI and much more. Which were part of the Local Exchange Carriers.

  • Competition caused pricing to be reduced, which benefited Americans.

As Telecommunication Contractors we appreciate the history. Our industry is ever-changing, so it is our job to keep up with what's going. So we can share it with our customers and guide you in the right direction. This is why it is important for us to understand where the telephone came from to save our customers their valuable time, money and ability to focus on their business. Below is a video that explains the history of telecom as well.

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