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Importance of Proper Cable Management

As a growing company, have you ever had a problem with the organization of your wires? Or had a problem with figuring out where each wire starts? Having manageable wires is very important here are some reasons why:

1. Ease of use, most important reason is to provide easy access to you and your employees. When wires are tangled it may not be as easy to access and know where wires go

2. Fire safety, if cables are not manageable it can start a spark and then a fire at your location which could damage other investments in your business. Also if the fire department comes in, a business can receive a huge fine or your business could go out of business if the wires are not fixed after receiving your fine from the fire department.

3. Someone could walk by and accidentally trip and yank cable cords which could cause a fire or damage expensive equipment, or someone could injure themselves which could cause an employee to use workers comp or a major law suit

4. Trouble shooting, having manageable wires. Could provide an easy access to knowing what wires work or don’t work

5. Having organized wires provides your customers a great first impression for them to see your office is clean as well as providing a great service.

These are some major reasons why a company needs to have manageable wires and if your office has a mess give K&B Communications a call at 702-952-2711 #Wires #LowVoltage #CableManagement