Making the switch to VoIP

Updated: Feb 25

Many companies may have made the decision of using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), but we still see some of our customers who have not made the decision of changing to a system over the cloud. A lot of them may have not made the switch because like the old saying goes, "if it's not broke, why to fix it?" I am here to tell you that this is NOT the mentality you want to take when it comes to your business life-line. The list presented below is some examples of why that old saying should not be used for your business phones.

Why make the move away from an old PBX

  • Systems are outdated if your phone or a piece of equipment breaks finding that replacement may be tough or next to impossible. It may even cost you more to fix the system than it would be to replace it.

A few questions to ask your self:

  • Are you still using a personal cell phone for your business?

  • Is your team working remotely or are you wanting to make the switch?

  • Does your phone system have the stability to grow easily?

  • Are you able to see your employee's productivity through your current system?

  • Do you know if your company has ever updated their phone system?

Some benefits of VoIP

  • Easy Start and Scaleability

  • Ability to see your employees productivity

  • Access phone through a phone desk, an app, and desktop

  • Take your phone calls on the go, never miss a call

Why work with K&B Communications when choosing a VoIP company

At K&B Communication we are able to work with many different communications vendors such as Ring Central, Cox, Century Link, Axion, and many more. This way you know your business is getting the best communication solution for your business at the best price.

Schedule a phone call today, so we can see if we can help you save money on your current or new phone system.

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