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Helping Businesses with Telephone and Data

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Having a telecommunication professional help with finding the correct system for your business can be very beneficial to a company. When it comes to opening your business, there is things that we do not think of that has to be taken care of, such as; electricity, water, gas if needed, your telephone and internet and much more. Not having a professional to help you with what is needed when it comes to your telephone and internet services can be a headache, but that is where we come into play.


How can we help:

We provide companies with a free analysis for their company to make sure they are receiving the most cost effective and reliable system when it comes to their telephone and internet services. Steps on how our free analysis works;

1st step:

We can sit down with business owners and find out what they need and what is within their budget. Then we find out how many telephones do they need and if they are looking to grow. We work with companies such as Century Link, Cox, XO Communications and many more, so we take out the work of finding a provider, and then we are able to get our customers the most competitive pricing.

2nd Step:

We figure out what phone systems are best for our clients, we do that by asking them what features they are looking for. We have multiple options when it comes to a phone system, if they would like to have a PBX, Hosted PBX or a VoIP. We can help them in any way they would like to go, each phone system has different features. Check out our blog about different phone systems.

3rd Step:

Is to figure out the locations of where they would like to place their telephone system, and if they plan to hard wire their computers or work off of WiFi. We do usually recommend being hard wired, especially for a company that has multiple devices. Then from there we will know what and where there needs to be installation of wiring. Now we are able to provide our customers with an estimate.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, if you have any questions about your current

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