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Never Miss a Business Call Again

Never miss a call again. With #VoIP, connect with customers from your desk or on the go.

At K&B Communications we provide our customers with the availability to access their business lines from their office, home and even on the go. As more companies go with having a remote workforce. This feature is important, that way growing your business is flexible no matter where you are.

Your business can do this in many ways:


This provides control over your communication needs. This function allows you to manage calls, voicemails, messaging and much more. This provides the control available on your laptop or computer away from the office.

The desktop feature also provides the ability to see who else is online, that way you have access to who you are able to transfer the phone to in live time.

Cell Phone

The ability to transfer phone calls to your mobile device that way you never miss a call even when you and your employees are out of the office.

Desk Phone

Having the ability to take your desk phone where ever you go, You must have data services to use the phone. We do recommend having it hard wired instead of using wifi that way your business has the best service.

At K&B Communications we would be happy to assist with answering any concerns that you and your employees may have.

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