Pro's and Con's of WiFi and Cabled Network

Having reliable and fast internet can have a direct impact on your business productivity. So having efficient internet can be a big lifesaver for you. While your internet is down could possibly, cause downtime for employees during times you are paying them to work.


We provide the pros and cons of having your internet wired and having wireless internet.

A wired connection is a connection to the internet using an Ethernet cable. Wired connection speed usually remains the same.

Pro- Speed and Stability:

Having a wired connection will provide the maximum speed available.

Wired connections are more suited for large file-sharing computers.

Con - Mobility & Installation:

Having a wired connection you are tied to only locations you have ethernet connections. You will need a low voltage tech to install additional cables for wired connections.

What is a WiFi Connection?

It is a device that connects wirelessly to the internet. (No Cables)

Pros: Convenience & Availability

The Convenience is Wifi can be connected to almost every device in your business or home. Such as speakers and tablets. WiFi connection is more ideal for multiple enabled devices such as phones, tablets, and speakers. The availability WiFi-only needs two things- A WiFi Router and Enabled devices (So no cables needed)

Cons - Instability & Lower Speeds:

WiFi is sensitive to interference, which could cause the devices to have downtime. This can result in buffering times

Why might Wi-Fi be faster than Ethernet?

  • Old Equipment: take a look at your router, switches, ethernet cables,

  • Check your cables, could be the issue. Check to see if they're bent in a weird way, maybe need to be replaced. Cat 5 e or Cat 6 is recommended when it comes to ethernet cables.

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